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Per Per Lead is a great way of guaranteeing results
simply pay per qualified customer enquiry

Our pay per lead or pay per enquiry service is just that, you only pay for each qualified lead that we send to you based on your lead criteria.

This revolutionary marketing model gives you full control over your budget and a firm grip on your ROI. Pay per lead is by far our fastest growing service. Because we are confident in our results, we take all the risk and only get paid when we send you the exact customers you want.

How does it work?

We create and build ad campaigns across multiple online marketing channels with out own money.

These campaigns are specifically created to capture the exact lead you require. We also further qualify where needed.

Once the prospect is qualified we then pass that lead onto you either via direct phone call or via email depending on the business type.
All calls are sent through a tracking number and recorded, this guarantees you are only paying for genuine enquiries. Tyre kickers, sales calls and existing customers aren’t charged.

  • Leads are never shared and are always fully exclusive to you.
  • You have full control over the volume of leads and of course the pricing.
  • Know how much you are going to spend and know exactly what you are going to get.

How many other marketing companies offer that?

Facebook ads are an incredible way of targeting specific
users who fit into certain demographics or geographic areas

We can drill down into specific interests, events in their life (married, new parent), estimated income, holiday habits, vehicle type and more….. It’s a very powerful way of getting your advert in front of just the right people.

Selling customised cat collars? probably not….!… but we can get your ad in front of female cat lovers who spend money online regularly.
Running a Restaurant? We can run a special offer campaign to everyone in a 15mile radius. They get a coupon, you get their email address for future promotion.

The potential is limitless and we’ve seen some amazing success with Facebook advertising.

We will:
  • Create your ads, image, text or video
  • Research the demographic and targeting tactic for each campaign
  • Split test and run several ads and targeting campaigns to find the best
  • Increase page likes, build brand awareness and drive visitors to your website 
  • Actively managed, adjusted and optimised throughout the campaign

Google Adwords is an effective way of driving ‘ready to buy’ leads to your website

Adwords is a pay per click model, you are presenting an advert to searchers when they search for specific keywords you want to show you advert for.
If a searcher clicks on your advert, you are charged a fee. Clicks range from £0.05 right the way up to £200 per click. Depending on your business sector and how competitive the environment is. Legal and finance tend to command high prices…..PPI claims anyone?!

Did you know: How much you pay per click not only depends on your competition but also on the quality of your advert AND the landing page you are sending visitors.

Let us run your campaign, as part of our Adwords service we:

  • Research and identify potential keywords for your business
  • Construct a plan of the complete intended customer journey
  • Setup your campaign into multiple ad groups to focus on specific areas
  • Construct multiple ads
  • Split test different ads, text and targets
  • Track conversions
  • Regularly call you to discuss strategy, goals and results

Remember we’re in the business of bringing you customers for the lowest possible spend. So not only do we work hard to make sure you’re getting the very best leads for the lowest price. But we also look at the complete sales funnel and suggest ideas to help achieve your goals.

Because you’re busy running your business
to be posting across your social media accounts each day

Regular posting to social media is essential. Customers are put off by non active accounts. Let us take the stress away and effectively manage your social media accounts for you, we post engaging and relevant content 7 days a week. Bringing in likes, followers and leads.
Using the 80/20 rule we aim to provide useful and shareable content the majority of the time, then promote and drive people to your website the other times. We’ve found this mixture keeps followers and fans engaged whilst still utilising the platform reach to do some soft selling.
Bolt social media management with Facebook ad campaigns for an extremely powerful lead generating strategy.

Email is a great way of keeping in touch with your leads and customers

We can create campaigns that build and grow your email list.

Giving you the ability to contact your list at any time with engaging emails, products, services and promotions to a warm database of potential buyers.

  • We do all the setup, organise the list and integrate with your ad campaign or website.
  • Customised automatic replies for specific events
  • Write content for your sales and special offer emails
  • Suggest strategies to grow your list over time

A website should not only look great but also convert leads into customers

A great website is the corner stone of any online marketing campaign. Send traffic and leads to a weak website and you’re not going to convert as many into customers, driving up your lead cost.

All our websites have beautiful design, engaging easy to read content and clear calls to action.
  • A website should not only look great but also be made to convert customers.
  • Whether that’s a single landing page or a whole multi page website.
  • Google friendly, optimised for SEO, secure and easy to update are all essential.
  • We can build, optimise and manage your website for you, integrating it seamlessly into any other services.

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